Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Table Mountain is a New7Wonder of Nature!

Table Mountain is a place of breathtaking views, a haven for adventure sport enthusiasts, a flora and fauna sanctuary and offers majestic beauty - undoubtedly why Table Mountain is one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Towering 1 085 metres above the city of Cape Town, Table Mountain is often covered with cloud known as the table cloth. This is how Table Mountain got its name.

The view on top of the mountain is unsurpassed and there are 11 viewpoints from which to take in the spectacular views of the city, the coastline, the ocean, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsula. The journey to the top of Table Mountain may take many routes, while the journey down includes an opportunity to do the longest commercial abseil in the world. Although, you may prefer the cable car which has a rotating floor to ensure you get a 360 degree view while travelling up or down.
Table Mountain is also a place of richly diverse flora and fauna as the flat-topped sandstone plateau was formed 600 million years ago. Over 1 400 plant species occur while the Ghost Frog occurs nowhere else in the world.